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A Thanksgiving Announcement

I’ve been keeping this for months now because I wanted to announce it at this years Thanksgiving… 🙂 

On June 7, 2008 we learned about this wonderful news:

Yup, I’m going to be a father soon! 🙂 My wife and I are very excited about this blessing to our family. We can’t wait to see our baby on February 2009.

Below is the first picture of our baby taken at 6 weeks:

Next is our babys picture at 20 weeks:

I don’t have her new picture scanned yet but I’ll post it a soon as I have them.4 weeks ago we learned that we are having a baby girl. Sweet! 

As with all first time dads, there’s a lot of things to learn. I’m learning a bunch of new stuff everyday and I highly recommend going is a site dedicated to babies and parenting in general. They have a ton on articles about babies, pregnancy and parenting which i really love. I go there everyday to check out articles and information that will help me become a great dad. Also, is a great site too. They have this calendar thingy where you can check out the progress of your baby day-by-day which is pretty cool!

This is what me and my wife are thankful for this Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! God Bless!

I am a big fan of Tim Tebow..

and now I respect him even more…

I just wish more and more athletes can be like this guy. A lot of the athletes nowadays are either drunkards, gamblers or womanizers which is pretty sad considering that a lot of kids in this generation look up to sport professionals as their role model. 

Tim Tebow is different. He keeps himself grounded and models the message of his faith to people around him which makes him a step above and beyond among his peers.

Thanks and God Bless Tim for being a model to this generation!

KeithRull.NBible: A WPF Bible Application

A week ago, I started a contest at about writing a Bible application and a few people have asked me if I tried my own challenge. I actually did took the challenge and built my own Bible application. I wasn’t able to post it as soon as I wanted to do it due to time constrainst. What I built is a WPF Bible application but still needs some polishing to truely call it a “WPF app”. 

Now let’s begin the tour of the WPF app that I built.

The screen below shows the main interface for the program. The first tab is the browsing tab that allows the user to select a Book and a Chapter they want and displays the contents of your selection on the list below the Comboxes

The bold letters on the upper right side of the list tells you what book and chapter you are currently reading

The second tab is the search tab. This tab has a textbox that allows you to enter your search parameters

It allows you to search by keywords

By book and chapter

or by specifying the Book, Chapter and Verse

There are a few more things that I wanted to add this app but wasn’t able to do so like building a TreeView similar to CryptoKnight’s implementation that allows you to see the Document Map and also a matching word highlighting on the search screen would be a great addition too. Another thing that could be improve is refactoring the code and making the service layer a little bit more generic. I wanted to refactor it a bit more after I finished it but never had a chance to do so. I’ll leave it as is for now and hope to update it in the future.

There’s a lot more improvements I could think of but I’ll leave it for you guys to check and comment on what I could do with this app to improve it. Maybe we could make it an OpenSource application someday.

Anyhow, you can get the source code for this project here. (1.84 MB)

Thanks to everyone who tried the challenge. I promise to do more of these type of contest in the future. 

Again, Thank you, God Bless and Mabuhay ka Filipino Developer!

A friend of mine needs your help..

My friend Marlon Ribunal who is a developer and an avid SQL Server blogger needs your help… Her mother who is in the Philippines got diagnose with Leukemia yesterday and he needs financial help to get her mother decent medical treatment. Below is his message posted on his blog:

God Bless You!
I am in need of financial help for my mother who has been diagnosed with Leukemia. She is in the Philippines right now. She is only 55 years old.
I am sending this email to people who, in one way or another, might be willing to help. Our primary need is Financial, but a sincere Prayer for the recovery of my mother is likewise important.
If you know groups of people or organizations who are doing Charitable works toward families in need of financial help, please send me information on how to contact them.
Few years ago (2002), I came here in America through my wife’s petition. But all through out these years we’ve been struggling financially. My wife got laid off from her work because their company can no longer support their business and decided to close down.  Our family’s financial resources are not enough to put our mother under decent medication.
If you know anyone who can help us financially, please contact me immediately. My information is below.
Marlon Ribunal

US Info:

Marlon Ribunal
(562) 989-5406 [ Home ]
(562) 786-2889 [Celphone ]

Philippines Info:

Mario Ribunal, Jr.


Please help Marlon. Thanks and God Bless!

Nobody should tell you what you should be. Nobody!

“Nobody should tell you what you want to be in life. Stick with your dream and don’t let anybody tell you that you can’t make that dream happen.”


I was browsing technorati today when I stumbled upon this blog entry from an aspiring developer in Manila. My heart shrunk after reading her dilemma.


“…I told my family that I want to be a Software Developer that’s why I keep on reading and studying about new programming technologies. But my family objects, especially my mom. They don’t want me to study. They just want me to pick  whatever job and stick to it. One day, they even kept my programming books in a locked shelf. Imagine, they don’t want me to be a programmer…”


I had the same situation more than 3 years ago when i got here in the US. You see, I was a developer in Manila before my family decided to move to the US for a big outsourcing company doing VB6, VB.NET, C# and ASP. I was a Web Administrator for a real state firm before that(doing classic ASP and PHP) and a Analyst Programmer Trainee when I was in college. But almost everybody in my dads side of the family thinks that i should be a US Navy. They said that i can’t find any developer job here in the US because “I graduated in the Philippines” and that i can’t use my degree because the school that i can from has a curriculum that isn’t recognized by the academe in America.


My heart was broken after hearing that from several people… it’s hard to accept that what you have worked hard on for 4 long years wont amount to anything in another country. Alot of people told me to give up my dream and just “settle for what’s on the table” which means that i just need to take what i can and not live up for my aspirations.


Hearing those kind of opinion specially coming from your family members is somewhat dishearthening.


At first, I was discouraged. I wasn’t mad at them at all but i didn’t believe what they told me. I knew that I can accomplish my dream if i work and pray hard for it. I worked doubly hard going to the library to read a book everytime I can. I would even borrow books and rigorously read them till i fall asleep. I didn’t had the chance to bring my development tools at that time because i was advised not to bring my CDs so i ended up downloading everything all over again via a 56kbps line. I was lucky enough to find SharpDevelop and that’s how i started honing my skills in C#(and VB.NET). Everyday I gain more and more confidence in myself knowing that every tear and pain is a step towards my goal to become a Software Developer in the US.


My first job interview was a disaster. I was sweating like a sheep and so nervous that i dabbled every word I spoke. I knew all the questions they asked me but i wasn’t able to communicate well enough to merit me as a valid candidate for the position. I knew right there and then that I failed the job interview. I was sad but held my head up high knowing that I needed that stab so I can be better.


I became event more confident after that faithful event. Taking every piece of experience i learned from it as part of my comunication toolbox(and that is speak clearly, be yourself and don’t sweat like you don’t know what you are talking about).


I prayed harder too knowing that God has something prepared for me in my future and I was right!


After a month of applying and staying long hours sending my resume our home phone rang with someone on the other line bringing me a message… I was hired and they wanted me to start that week. After putting the phone down i started shouting like crazy. It was so sweet to let that out of my chest that finally, my dream is coming true.


It’s been more than 3 years ago since that faithful day. I smile everytime I think of what I have accomplished even with almost everybody saying that I can’t be who I want to be. I knew God has promise for me and that it would happen if i work hard and continue to believe Him.


And it did 🙂


I believe that nobody should tell you to stop dreaming. I believe that you can accomplish anything you want as long as you put your mind, body, heart and faith into it. Anything is possible as long as you work hard, believe and put your trust in God.


Through that battle I held a verse in my heart which I’d like to share to you:

“Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be terrified; do not be discouraged, for the LORD your God will be with you wherever you go.”

                                                   Joshua 1:9 – taken from the NIV Bible


So I say to you all “Dream on, don’t loose hope and never let go!”.

My Da Vinci Code

A code i wrote that i think some should follow and understand about the Da Vinci Code movie. It’s currently incomplete… with alot of TODO sections for me and people who would be watching the movie. I’ll complete the code once i finish watching the movie so that i could set a comparisson of things from truth and fiction. I have seen a couple of documentaries(History Channel and Discovery Channel) about it and had formulated my on personnal beliefs regarding the issues that evolve around the movie.

foreach (Person person in DaVinciCodeMovie.MovieGoers)
   /* 1.) Analyze the movie: View the movie with an eagles eye. Be attentive
   *       and concern about the scenes. Open your eyes and try to figure
   *       ideas that were presented in it so that you could research about it.
   * 2.) Research: Don’t just watch and ponder about how good the movie is
   *       and just stop and believe everything that you see on it. Do a
   *       personal research about the facts and fiction prsented on the
   *       movie. dont base your belief on first impression but check and
   *       find out for youreself if it is really true or not. Go and checkout
   *       respectable documentary and television channels about their views
   *       about the movie and compare truth and fiction side by side so that
   *       you could give an honest conclusion about its reality.
   * 3.) Make an honest conclusion: This is the only for you to have a true 
   *       conviction. Remember, the truth is the only thing that could set you
   *       free and honesty makes the truth pleasing to your heart and mind.
   * **/