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DevCast : ADO.NET Part 2 – Passing Parameters To Your SQL Statements

In part 2 of our Back To The Basics Series, Keith discusses how to pass parameters to your inline SQL Statements, read a connection string from the web.config and the use of a static class for utilities. He also refactored(a little bit) our original solution to make the code more manageable.


13 minutes of information discussed in Tagalog to make it easier to understand.

*note: i’m still shaky.. still learning… hopefully next time I could make a better demo 🙂 again, comments are welcome!

DevCast: ADO.NET Part 1

This is the first part our series about ADO.NET which is part of our Back To The Basic Series which is a series designed to teach beginners about the benefits of ADO.NET and to show how easy it is to use the ADO.NET in a short 10 to 15 minute video using Tagalog as the medium.  Our idea is to start from small demo application and build from there by adding new functionalities and refactoring the sample application on each part of the series.

On this demo you’ll learn the basics of creating a connection to SQL Server, using a Universal DataLink to automatically generate your connection string to a database server, populating a DataSet using a SqlDataAdapter and assigning a DataSet to our GridView control.

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Comments and suggestions are welcome! 🙂