Month: November 2007

November 17, 2007

More than 2 years ago I wrote this article and submitted it in CodeProject detailing how you can build a FileSystem Browser in ASP.NET. The article talks about how newbie ASP developers moving to ASP.NET might code the solution and how somebody a little bit more familiar with ASP.NET would build the same application in lesser code. […]

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November 8, 2007

I know, i missed alot after i didn’t go to MIX07. I told Jon that i’ll be coming to MIX07 but something happened with my project and i was asked to tend the wounds. This time I won’t let the chance to party with Miguel, Jeff, Phil and Scott pass me by! MIX08 here I come!

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November 7, 2007

I was reading my site refferers today when I saw an interesting refferer query that came from Google. Three people got to my site after typing this phrase “hyperlink databind gridview mailto“. I went to the the Google results page and immediately went to the page the was indexed by Google and upon futher review […]

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