Are you a VB.NET Fanboy? Then come to ILoveVB.NET!

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November 28, 2007

I’m still a big fan of VB.NET even if I haven’t touched a single VB.NET code in a year and one the biggest VB.NET fanboy I know has just started a website all about the good things you can do with VB.NET. Chris Williams (VB.NET MVP) has just started a website called ILoveVB.NET. The idea is to build a community that would champion the cause of VB.NET(which is to make the world known that VB.NET is a first class programming language and not a code kiddies toy anymore).

Here’s the official message from Chris Williams:

This is the place where we show off all the amazingly cool stuff you can do with VB.NET.

If you’re passionate about VB.NET, or you have an interesting project or maybe you’re providing community support to a technology that doesn’t currently have language parity, then you’ve come to the right place. We will gladly host your project and blog(s).

If you’re looking for answers, you may find them here as well. If you’re tired of looking everywhere for code samples and only finding C#, keep checking back here. We’re making contact with the product teams and working towards getting the samples and SDKs you want.

Once again, thank you for stopping by. If you need anything, feel free to ask.

Chris Williams

Man, I bet you Paul, Carl, Bill and the VB.NET MVPs are going to be excited about this!

2 thoughts on “Are you a VB.NET Fanboy? Then come to ILoveVB.NET!”

  1. Jon Limjap says:

    Wow, I’m surprised to fined out that this still is an issue. 😛

    I made a talk on C# 3.0’s newest language features last week, and posted the code to my demo on my blog. Maybe I should port it to VB.NET. 🙂

  2. Keith Rull says:

    Nice! That sounds great Jon!

    Well, VB.NET vs C# i think is not the issue. I believe all Chris wants to do is show that there are cool things that you can do with VB.NET.

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