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November 26, 2007

Sounds like Woody, Lynn, Jason, Tim, Anand, Rob, Mithun and JD are going to hit the road with there Microsoft Truck this 2008.

What’s a Code Trip?  Think of it like Cannonball Run. Only slower, and geekier.  We sat around on a campfire burning copies of Microsoft Bob a while back and decided we needed to hit the streets.  We want to get out to developers and hear some stories and have some fun (JD wants to blow stuff up, so we’re trying to work that in).  Really, it is going to be what you tell us it is. One RV, bunch of geeks, lots o’ code.  Join the trip!

This is going to be awesome.  I go to MS conferences alot and have met a couple of MS Developer Evangelist in the past (specially those who are in the SoCal area) and I think it’s a great time for me to meet the other MS Developer Evangelist who cover the west coast.

Hey Woody! Can you reserve me one of those XBOX 360 😀 I think that would look great in our living room 😛 Just kidding.

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