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August 14, 2007

I’ve been interviewing lately for developers to fill the 2 open positions in my company and I’ve just realized an interesting stat inside our development team. A year and a half ago there where:

    • 4 Caucasians, 2 from India, 2 Chinese, 2 Filipino

    • 2 of the 10 Developers are girls. 1 Chinese and 1 from India.

After 1 year 1/2 with people resigning and us hiring a new batch of developers, composition changed into:

    • 1 Caucasian, 1 Filipino, 2 Chinese and 5 from India.

    • 4 of the 9 Developers are girls. 1 Chinese and 3 from India.

Pretty interesting huh? It’s really amazing how the composition of our team changed in a year and a half. I guess its because of the turnover that we have encountered in the past few months..

So how about you? Whats the composition of your IT team?


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