My Startup And How A 12 Year Old Inspired Me Today

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May 15, 2007

I saw this news today courtesy of Migz Paraz about a 12 year-old kid who is starting his own company and I was amaze about his idea. I think its great idea and with the right UI and advertising i’m pretty sure it will go up, way up where everybody who has a “Making IT big in IT” dream would want to go. I salute you.

I always say to people who ask me advice about how to start their own company “If you can’t invent, Innovate” 😉 Believe me, there are alot of opportunities out there right now… If might not a new idea.. it could something that can make an existing app better and transform it into the “killer app”. Just this morning i woke up with another idea.. did my research the whole day if it already exist and found out that it is still an untap market. I don’t have the resource yet to start on this new endeavor but i do see myself working on it pretty soon(i have atleast 5 startup ideas brewing and 2 of them are currently in the works).

Life is like the game of chess… its an equal playing field where anybody can be a pawn all his life tied with living from paycheck to paycheck or work hard and climb to the top until he becomes the king. I don’t want to be a pawn all my life that’s why i’m dreaming big and I believe each and everyone of us should do the same way.

I want this dreams to happen and I want it to happen now.

Sucessful people dont dream the dreamers dream.. they make it a reality. The cool thing about it is that all of us can dream and all of us can make it a reality. With the right mindset, the drive to succeed and faith in God i think anyone can be somebody someday but it takes patience and alot of effort to accomplish your goals so be prepared to handle it.

Thanks for the inspiration Luke and God Bless to your startup. As for me, I’ll go back to my machine… think… pray.. code… then believe that someday my simple idea can bring me to my promise land.

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