Month: May 2007

May 26, 2007

A friend asked me for help today about a segment of code that was giving him a headache. After looking at the code I immediately told him the problem. Can you spot the problem too without compiling the VB code? Why is it happening? Module Program    Sub Main()        Calculate()    End Sub    Private Sub Calculate()        Dim value1 As Integer […]

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May 23, 2007

“Combine. Merge. Join. Append. Concatenate. Microsoft Word Documents.” I had a pretty laidback today because one of my projects was halted due some requirements issue(we have just finished phase 1 and the client already wants to start phase 2 but they dont know what the want yet) so i was assigned to help one of […]

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May 10, 2007

I think the guys in the .NET Framework team has this thing about vanity. Yeah! I call it code vanity. Not that its bad.. but its just funny how code has been getting beautiful. more beautiful and even more beautiful as the evolution of .NET goes forward. And it’s a great thing too! Here’s a […]

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